Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 14, 2011

Sun Feb 13th – A Day at The Beach

It’s Sunday, we’re finally caught up with all of our chores so it only feels right to take a lazy day off. Along with Anne and Hugh of Serendipity –who have been working as hard or even harder than us- we take a taxi ride to Playa Linda (the beach on the side of Club Med), where we spend the day visiting the local attractions: the Crocoriladium, home to a huge number of these reptiles (they fascinate me while making me cringe), giant iguanas and lots of very noisy birds. The ever-present tourist market, with lots of stalls all selling pretty much the same things but very colorful and a delight to walk thru.  

Playa Linda

Ana & Hugo strolling the Playa Linda market

 A number of palapa restaurants right on the beach, were inevitably we end plopping our exhausted and hungry bodies. The meal stretches on for hours, as the people-watching is intensely satisfying. The Sunday Crowd is mainly composed of local families; we Gringos (Canadians included) are for once in the minority.

Yet Another Crock!

Need a Mint, buddy?

 A quick swim in the warm water, and it’s time to return to base. Yep, you guessed it, it’s Siesta Time! What a rough, tough life… 

Cops On The Beach


Tom is thinking of applying for the job...


Yet Another Crock!

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