Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 23, 2011

Wed 16 – Isla Grande (Ixtapa)

Isla Grande, as it’s known to the locals, is a mere hour away from the Ixtapa Marina. Such a short trip, we were all set and ready to enjoy the new beach by 1 pm. Oh, goody, it’s time for lunch! Nothing much to report from here; this island, being so close to the mainland, is the chosen destination for Club Med and other hotels guests who want to spend a “quiet” day away from their luxurious accommodations. The soft, golden sandy beaches are postcard perfect. But it’s Tuesday and there isn’t too much going on here today, which is precisely the way I like it.

Isla Ixtapa Beach

We spend the day snorkeling in warm waters, solving the world’s problems laying comfortably on the beach, amiably chatting with other cruisers and vacationers.

Tom surveying the activities

There are two beaches on Isla Grande, at opposite ends. Venturing out for a walk, I discover that it only takes 3 minutes to reach the other side, that there are massage tables almost everywhere, and that there are huge house rabbits roaming around. Quite a contrast… 

The Other Side

 Anyway, the “other” beach is beautiful but rocky and the surf is heavier, with waves breaking ashore with some violence. Spectacular, deafening, and definitely not conducive to swimming. Nevertheless, there’s a good touristic presence here as well. 

The Rocky Bar

On my –short- walk back, I meet and chat a few minutes with Isidro. Isidro, a true character, is a massage therapist specializing in sport injuries and rehabilitation. His whole family is involved in massage therapy, they manage the tables I saw earlier on and from what I see business is great. Isidro is offering every massage known to man, at very affordable prices may I add, but I’m not interested just yet. “Maybe tomorrow”, I say. Nodding, Isidro points a finger at my post-rotator cuff surgery scars and with a confident grin says “I can fix that!”. With a little irritation I reply loud and clear “I have been fixed already, thank you very much!” just as this snotty Canadian lady walks by on her way to the massage parlor. Of, the scandalized look on her face! God knows what she thought our exchange was about… What do I care…

Open Air Facilities

Tilework Detail



  1. Hi Tom. Diana Aikenhead and I are glad to see you looking happy and relaxed and looking for shells on the beach! Have a great month. Steve Riggs, Berkeley Fire.

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