Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 27, 2011

Mon Feb 21st

True to our word, we spent quite a few days doing not much more than swimming in the pool and relaxing. Tom – outgoing as ever- chatted amiably with guests of the resort, effortlessly making new friends while I mainly snoozed. He befriended one Canadian couple, Doug and Rhonda. Turns out that Doug is a Brother in Blue, an officer of the Durham Regional Police, Ontario Canada. Needless to say, they had a lot of cop stories to share, while Rhonda and I had more feminine and pleasant conversations –without shootings and gore-.

We were set to move from Las Hadas to the neighboring Bay of Santiago. Tom asked our new friends if they would like to accompany us for this short trip and experience our lifestyle, if only for an hour. Of course they were thrilled and enthusiastic.

New Crew! Meet Rhonda and Doug

And so it is, on Monday morning we leave Las Hadas for good, slowly making our way to Santiago Bay. Tom is showing off his electronics and explaining their functions to Doug, while Rhonda and I, sitting on deck, are busy sighting dolphins and giving our mouths a good workout. I thought I spotted a turtle, so had Tom head towards it, only to discover it was a black plastic bag inflated by the wind… Oops, sorry guys! Rhonda and Doug just laughed it off, while Tom is still poking fun at me days later… Oh, well…We anchored in Santiago Bay and jumped in the dinghy headed to the Lagoon, which turned out to be too shallow to explore.

Exploring the Lagoon

Not to worry, plenty more places to see. We leisurely toured close to the rugged coast for a while, encountered oyster divers, spotted too many jellyfish and returned to our welcoming Camelot to spend a few hours in total relax.

It was a great day, and in retrospect a great break for us, too!  Being always surrounded by boaters, the topics of conversation inevitably turn to boats and cruising. It was good to have a more “land oriented” approach for a while. Thank you, Rhonda and Doug, for your wonderful company. May we cross paths again! 

Hope to see you guys again!



  1. Thank you Tom and Lori for such an enjoyable day that will always be remembered. Enjoy lifes journey…Untill we meet again ! Be safe and above all, love each other and all of life’s pleasures. May all your seas be calm with just enough wind to make the journey a smooth adventure…Your friends Doug and Rhonda.

  2. We were truly pleased to be a part of your special world if only for a day! We enjoyed every minute and Doug and I can’t stop smiling and talking about how nice it was to spend time with our New American/Mexican friends!
    Thank you for the exceptional tour of Manzanillo! Hasta La Vista Nos Amigos….till we meet again! Perhaps you could come here and experience skiing in the winter…hahaha…:)
    Your friends always…
    Rhonda and Doug

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