Posted by: Sailing Camelot | February 27, 2011

Sun Feb 27th

It’s been almost a week, we’re still in Santiago Bay and honestly don’t feel the need to leave. If I had hippie tendencies, I’d say this place has a good vibe. Wait a minute, I have become a hippie of some sort…

The Beach to my right

The Beach to my left

 Anyway, we feel so comfortable here, surrounded by friends, with easy access to everything we may possibly need. It’s fun to explore this little town, it’s really beautiful. The houses here don’t have a civic number, but individual names. Must be quite a nightmare for the postman!

Residential Streets of Santiago

Villa Cactus

I am finally giving my inflatable kayak a good workout, paddling frantically back and forth. Great exercise and great fun!  Tom spends entire days with his nose buried in books, a very unusual sight. I have never seen him so relaxed and at peace. May I say, it was high time…

So appropriate!

Today a few friends left, we’re all scattering in slightly different directions for the next couple of weeks. We’ll be reunited up in La Cruz. It’s funny how, even knowing this, I feel a slight sense of loss. I’ve become quite attached to our boating buddies! But it’s only temporary, I remind myself.

We’re talking about leaving in the next few days, but have made no official commitment. We’ve become pretty efficient at NOT making plans…


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