Posted by: Sailing Camelot | May 20, 2011

Fri May 20th -Provisioning in La Paz

Today is provisioning day!

La Paz is a great place to stock up with everything you need. Costa Baja Marina provides a convenient shuttle service to downtown and the major shopping center, so we take full advantage and spend a good couple of hours playing shoppers. After that we treat
ourselves to a McDonald meal (damn Gringos!). I’m sure we won’t see any of these up the Sea Of Cortez…

Costa Baja Marina - Inner Harbor

The rest of the day is spent putting away groceries while Tom gets busy replacing both our U.S. and Mexican courtesy flags, reduced in tatters by a few months’ worth of wind.

Our stay here is not exciting this time, but rather utilitarian. We loved La Paz when we visited last November and still do, but we
both are eager to start our exploration of the Sea, so no time is spent dilly-dallying in town. As a matter of fact, the new adventure starts tomorrow.

View from Above

The funny part? We’re not sure where we’re going! Possibly we’ll take a straight shot to San Evaristo, a small and quiet fishing village
about 51 miles north of La Paz.

I said possibly, so I guess you’ll know where we are once we get there. It sure feels good to be free!

Beautiful Marina Costa Baja, world-class facilities



  1. Hey you guys are back in La Paz! Cool! Have a good time 🙂

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