Posted by: Sailing Camelot | May 20, 2011

Thu May 19th – Los Muertos to La Paz

I’m so happy that we’re still young enough to feel brand new after a good rest! We greet the glorious new day with enthusiasm and we eagerly pull up the anchor after just one cup of coffee. It’s 7:30, we’re heading for La Paz. Early enough to enjoy a calmer sea and have breakfast along the way. In a few hours the wind gets frisky again, still blowing form the undesired direction.

We get some respite in the channel between land and Isla Cerralvo, but once out of that protected zone we get blown pretty hard by 20/25 knot winds. At least the sea in not too bad, our destination not too far. In fact everything calms down as we enter the San Lorenzo Channel, which is the entrance to Bahia de La Paz. Our attention is now devoted to the heavy traffic. As we arrive a
tanker joins us on the right, a ferry leaves the terminal on our left, a huge fishing vessel crosses our path and a couple of big powerboats approach fast in front of us. And here I was, camera in hand, wanting to take pictures of the welcoming party of Pelicans, Dolphins and jumping Rays… Forget it. I barely have time to shoot a couple of not-so-great shots…

An open-wing welcome!

The Welcoming Parade, a Dolphin leading the Pelicans

We make it to Costa Baja Marina despite the cross-fire. We tie up at the fuel dock to replenish our tanks and check in with Gabriel, the friendly Harbor Master. Formalities completed, we take our slip and are settled in by 16:00. Tom wastes no time, he gets the water hose out and gives Camelot a bath. I can’t believe the amount of crusty salt we accumulated!

While he does that I’m preparing dinner, a sumptuous pasta –Spaghetti Bolognese- to recover from the ordeal. Screw the diet! I need my carbs…

Seems happy to see us!


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