Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 11, 2011

Isla Coronado

After such incredible views, my eyes are barely registering the turquoise color of the little bay that will host us for the next 3 days. There’s only so much beauty my brain can take in a day!

We make ourselves at home and promptly proceed to spend the rest of the day in quiet contemplation. A few other boats are anchored here, we know most of them. It’s always good to visit and catch up with friends.

The Bay at Coronado Island

I guess Tom feels a little isolated, so he takes off in the dinghy and proceeds to invite our neighbors for a “bring-your-own-booze” little reunion on Camelot. By late afternoon there are 10 of us enjoying the little gathering in the cockpit of Camelot, mostly new friends. As I’m busy preparing snacks in the galley I’m surprised to hear a man’s voice addressing me in Italian! Dario is Argentinean but was raised in Rome, so in no time we’re yakking away in Italian like a couple of old maids… But in fairness all our guests were very nice people and we really enjoyed their company. We’ll meet them again; I’m sure, as we’re all heading in the same direction for the summer. Better stock up on beer

Sunrise! View from Camelot

I'm more than happy to get up early to catch The Matinee Show

We enjoy our stay, but there’s trouble in Paradise… The bees have discovered us! No matter how careful I am, how wiped dry our boat is inside and out, they all come to check us out in droves. It seems that this time the bottle of water I keep by my side is their target. Now, I like bees and respect their role in the world, so I don’t kill them if I can help it… But we really felt haunted! So much so, I can say the bees are a determining factor in our decision to leave Isla Coronado earlier than planned.

Or maybe that’s an excuse… In any case, tomorrow we leave!


Unwanted Guests on Camelot


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