Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 11, 2011

Wed June 1st – The Painted Cliffs

We celebrate the beginning of June with yet another short and spectacular trip. This time we’re bound for Isla Coronados, a tiny island a little further north in the Sea of Cortez. Thank God for the autopilot, allowing us to enjoy the scenery in total bliss. Not that there is much traffic on the water, we crossed just a couple of sailboats in the distance.

We’re treated to a subtle show of big manta rays barely skimming the water, successfully eluding my photographic efforts… And boy, did I try!

But my disappointment is soon forgotten as we round the corner of Isla Carmen. The easternmost side of the island is known as the Painted Cliffs. It’s yet another proof that Nature is the true inspirer of artists. This natural geological marvel coupled with the work of wind and water creates an astonishingly breathtaking backdrop.

I must have shot 200 pictures,  but here’s just a sampling of the images embedded in my heart.

With such scenery to entertain us we reach our destination in what seems like minutes instead of the actual 3 hours.


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