Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 14, 2011

4th of July Party in El Burro Cove

And for those who feel a little homesick, there’s even a  4th of July Party in El Burro Cove, complete with fireworks! This annual event, organized by our weather guru Geary, has been a regular occurrence for the past 16 years. Lots of boats converge and fill El Burro Cove for the occasion. We have been lookingforward to this event for over a year!

Party on the Beach

Geary, bless his generous heart, provides an endless supply of hot dogs, organizes the beer vendors, purchases the fireworks and makes sure no one gets hurt. It’s a lot of work, even with a crew of volunteers helping him out.

Meet Geary, Weather Guru and Hot Dog Specialist

But the result is spectacular and the party is a lot of fun.

Geary’s been presented with a gift in appreciation for his many services to the boating community, chiefly his very valuable weather forecasts.

"Help! I've started Talking and I can't Shut Up!"

We had an absolute blast. Thank you, Geary, for your warm hospitality, all the trips to town, your cheerful assistance and your daily broadcasting of The Amazing Grace – bagpipes version-.

Another set of Great Memories to put away in our Memory Chest.

Sunrise at El Burro Cove - Bahia Concepcion



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