Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 19, 2011

July 5th – Leaving El Burro Cove

After 4 weeks and 3 days in this blessed spot, once again we say our goodbyes and head up and out of Bahia Conception.

Our next destination is San Marcos Island. We decide to break the trip by spending the night in Punta Chivato and resuming our travel early on July 6th.

At rest , Punta Chivato

Red Sky At Night...

In just a few hours of motoring we come within sight of San Marcos. This medium-sized island’s claim to fame is a very active and productive Gypsum mine (think sheetrock material). Large quantities of Gypsum are exported to ports around the world. A large T shaped pier extending about 300 yards into the bay is used to load big cargo carrying vessels, and also to receive supplies for the mine.

The Gypsum Mine

The Loading Pier

The white, powdery clouds from the mining activities are well visible from a few miles’ distance.
The mine is on the southern end of the island; there’s also a small village inhabited by 600 souls, all directly or indirectly involved with the mine.

As we approach the island we can see huge mounds of gypsum ready to be picked up, and even from a distance of over 2 miles we notice bustling activity.

Lunar Landscape

Gypsum ready to be loaded and exported


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