Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 21, 2011

July 19th – Santa Rosalia

We haven’t been up to much these last few days. The heat is a great deterrent; the humidity that goes along with it doesn’t help. There’s not even a chance to jump in the water to cool off, since the harbor waters are less than inviting.  We occasionally take walks downtown, usually early in the morning or at dusk, to pick up some groceries and do some sightseeing.

We discovered that the locals nicknamed Santa Rosalia “El Infierno”, due to the very hot summer temperatures. Lucky us, we get to enjoy the full blast of heat and humidity, which leaves us with little energy for chores… Good excuse!

The Event of the Week: Tom has given up his golden tresses!
After over a year since his last haircut, the torrid climate convinced him to chop his mane. For the occasion, our good friend Anne from Serendipity pulled out her hairstyling tools, sat Tom in a chair and proceeded to buzz-cut his hair.

Tom has gone from the Surfer Dude look to the Death Row Inmate style. I like them both equally, but I’m obviously biased.

Anne's Barber Shop - note the Cerveza to fortify Tom in his difficult decision

First Golden Locks to fall

There goes the Ponytail!

Hmmm, I wonder what I'm looking like right now...

Anne is a professional in a totally different field, a high flying executive in mergers and acquisitions mainly, but she certainly gives great haircuts. A good number of cruisers were lined up at “Anne’s Barber Shop”! And every single one was pleased with the results and very grateful.

Not to be outdone, I marched to the local beauty salon and demanded a haircut, too! The hairstylist, Jose, is about 6 feet tall and 350 pounds, covered in tattoos with multiple piercings, has a goatee, spiky black hair and blazing dark eyes. He looks like more like a devil/butcher than a hairdresser! I admit having second thoughts when I saw him, but by then it was too late, as he swiftly and delicately shoved me in the chair. I feared my neck would be snapped by his massive hands, but Jose took care of business gently and with excellent results. Now I have shorter hair, too!



  1. You could have gone to a pony tail, Tom. That would have been cute. What, no pixz of Lori’s new doo?

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