Posted by: Sailing Camelot | July 21, 2011

July 14th – At the Dock in Santa Rosalia Marina

We eventually obtained a slip on a rickety dock at the Santa  Rosalia Marina. Great atmosphere! Friendly people everywhere: fishermen,  cruisers, locals.

Sunset view from Santa Rosalia Harbor

The marina is a good walk away from the town proper, and in  this heat we’re drenched in minutes… I’ve taken up this old-lady habit of  carrying a small towel wherever I go, dabbing at my sweaty face and neck almost  incessantly. Beats having sweat dripping into my eyes! Yes, it’s that bad…
Also, my modesty level has definitely shifted… Nowadays I go about town  barely decent. Booty-shorts (Tom’s term) and a flimsy  top is all I can tolerate, but no one seems   to notice or care. Well, apart from the boys hollering at me from their trucks…
Sometimes it’s a good thing that I don’t know Spanish all that well…

The shops here are well stocked, even if you have to visit three  or four of them to find everything you need.
Lots of walking involved, so we do our shopping in small doses.

There’s everything we need, here. We’ll take it easy and spread the shopping over a few days.



  1. Great pix keeping’em coming. You’re having waaaaay too much fun!!!

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