Posted by: Sailing Camelot | April 14, 2012

April 14 – Last night in Nicaragua

 Puesta del Sol literally means Setting of the Sun

This is what I'm talking about!

Nicaraguan Sunset

Me, working hard to capture the magic. (Photo courtesy of Sandra Fratino)

We enjoyed quite a few spectacular ones in excellent company: Karen and Bill of the motor vessel “Odern” from Australia, Sandra and Larry of the sailboat “I Yam what I Yam” from Canada, and Robert and Maria Laura, our gracious hosts.

We had a good time, enjoying exquisite appetizers waiting for the sun to go down: cheese with Mango Chutney (Karen), Dorado Carpaccio (Sandra) and Italian style Focaccia (guess who!). A veritable feast!

Me again, caught in the act of stuffing my face with Focaccia! (Photo courtesy of Sandra Fratino)

 Robert, owner and developer of this wonderful resort, has been a very friendly and welcoming host along with his wife and business partner, Maria Laura.

Tom especially liked his conversations with Robert, who explained in detail his plans to make this resort the ultimate vacation destination.

A very lively Group: Clockwise Tom, Bill, Karen, Sandra, Larry and (hidden) Robert.

An airstrip and a hydroplane service to facilitate arrivals by small plane, a 9-Holes golf course, a formal hotel and a few condos are just a few of the amenities planned for the near future.

Robert’s eyes sparkle as he envisions the development of Puesta del Sol: he loves the challenge and has a lot of fun making it all come together. Judging by what we’ve seen so far, he has a special talent for making dreams come true.

Clockwise: Tom, Bill, me, Karen, Larry, Robert and Maria Laura. (Photo courtesy of Sandra Fratino)

We wish we could see this place just a few months from now! I guess we’ll just have to periodically check their website to see the development unfold…

We have been well taken care of in Marina Puesta del Sol, and I wish to thank the friendly and attentive staff who made our stay very pleasant – with particular gratitude to Dorian the Harbormaster.

Once again I have confirmation that it’s the People who make the place – although it doesn’t hurt that this place is truly breathtaking.

Adios, Nicaragua, and thank you for a very positive experience.

I wish I could claim merit for this photo, but no... It's -once again- courtesy of Sandra Fratino.

Early tomorrow morning we leave for Costa Rica.


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