Posted by: Sailing Camelot | April 22, 2012

April 16th – Tica, Tica, Costa Rica…

I have been looking forward to visiting Costa Rica for a very long time, mesmerized by all I’ve read on this fabulous country and the thousand colorful pictures I saw.

I can’t quite say what exactly I was envisioning, but our arrival to Costa Rica is so low-key that I can’t help feeling somewhat disappointed.

Maybe because the trip from Nicaragua was quite uncomfortable and lasted a lot longer than I expected (almost 28 hrs!), maybe because the sky is mostly grey and the coast doesn’t look all that pretty without sunshine… Or maybe is that damn Red Tide spread out in the water about a mile out of the coast, rendering the water a sickly brownish color.  Ugh…

Go figure! I thought I’d be a lot more excited than this… Maybe all it takes for the world to look better is a good dose of sleep!

As we approach Marina Papagayo we get a warm dolphin-welcome, and that’s good enough to restore my positive outlook.

Can't help smiling when I see these happy creatures rushing to meet us...

Welcome, welcome to Costa Rica!

We’ll be staying in this Marina for a week, then slowly make our way South anchoring in Costa Rica’s most beautiful little bays.

Aerial View of Marina Papagayo

Beautiful Marina Papagayo

 I am not leaving this Country until I see Toucans, Parrots, Butterflies, Monkeys and colorful Frogs to my satisfaction!

It may take a while…



  1. So glad yo made it. I am sure that you will be delighted once you have rested……..we love Costa Rica and have spent over three months there total.

  2. Looks like you escaped the microburst in El Salvador. Read about it in Latitude 38 and were worried about you guys.

    We are now in the Sea of Cortez awaiting the start of Loretofest. We hopefully will be blogging from CR next winter/spring as we, too, will head south but not before bashing back to LA in July.

    Debra and Andy
    Murar’s Dream

  3. Hi guys,
    Daragh and I are enjoying following your blog. Some great photos along the way! Especially the dolphins up close. We are not far behind so let us know your whereabouts. Georgie has flown the sloop back to Terra Ferma. PS…How is ‘Yam’ doing?
    Chantey V

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